Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I can't even express to you the hatred I feel towards my American Heritage class right now...

But I think I will refrain from making you endure my miserable ranting. Instead, here is a list of some things that make me happy:

-Road trips.
-Border's hot chocolate.
-Long walks with no particular destination.
-Laughing so hard you can't breathe.
-My sisters, because I think they are probably the best ones ever.
-My parents because they are also the best ones ever.
-Pretending that I will someday have musical talent.
-My blue shoes.
-Sunny days.
-Rainy days.
-When my fingernails are painted.
-Playing at the park (especially on the swings).
-My baby cousin Sage because she is adorable.
-Simon, (the family cat) he's senile, but I love him like crazy anyway.
-Lists about things that make people happy.
-Playing around with photos even though I don't have photoshop.
-My guitar.
-My crazy friends.

I think I will end it there, but there's a lot more. :) Oh, I do kind of love the fact that I forgot today was St. Patrick's day but still managed to randomly choose my green shirt to wear. I think that may be the first time I have worn green on this holiday in many many years haha.

Anyway... have a fabulous day!


Jamerz the Freakaziod. said...

American Heritage sucks! Psh. Who really needs to know where we came from and other things? Your list makes me happy and so do your pictures and so do you! You are fantastic!

Maren said...

Awww thank you! You are fantastic too! And yes... American Heritage does suck... be warned!