Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oy with the Poodles Already

I haven't blogged in forever... so I guess I will just say a few random things.
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Well, it's been a long and interesting week. I got my learner's permit again (the third time haha) but I only have to take the last test and I will be set to get my license! Yay! It'll be a miracle, I tell you. Camille went to Youth Conference on Friday until Saturday so I hung out with Stephanie and Sam while she was gone. It was quite the adventure which is exactly what I needed. We met at Guru's (it was a miracle we all made it on time haha) and ate the delicious sweet potato fries and some good, healthy main dishes. Then we walked to the library to catch our bus but since we were a little early we decided to stop in the little boutique, Cherry Lane Keepsakes, across the street. We ended up losing track of time in there because they had some really interesting items haha. We found vintage jewelry, crazy dresses, tons of purses, 
sixties-ish sunglasses, and best of all, slap bracelet wrist watches (not really cute but sure fun to put on). 
We then ran back to the bus stop where we met Jeremiah. He was quite the character. He was 29 and had huge muscles and very rough-looking and cracked hands. His eyes were a clear blue but his face looked hardened and red from too much exposure to the sun. He immediately began talking to us and asked if we were LDS. He then proceeded to explain that he, too, was LDS and he was supposed to warn us that the end was near. He showed us his birth certificate and talked to us about how God is a woman so he bowed to Stephanie and I. Then he later told us that he might be God. So I guess he might be a woman then? Who knows. He told us women had the greatest power even above the priesthood and that is why there are only sister missionaries at Temple Square. He put his hand on Sam's chest and told him he was giving him the heart of a God. It was interesting to say the least haha. Then it turns out that he had to get on the same bus as us. So he sat by us and told Stephanie she had Goddess/mermaid hair, took Sam's "Esmerelda's Fortune" cards thinking they had some profound meaning to him, told us not to ever smoke, told us of his girlfriend and also a bunch of doctrine from the, uh, scriptures in his head? He informed us that he had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and suddenly the delusions about him being a prophet and maybe being God and having the third scripture text in his head made more sense haha.
Afterwards we were all very glad we had met him because he sure was interesting and added much more adventure to our day than we could have hoped for.
After that we rode a different bus to the Riverwoods where we began walking on the Provo River trail (which is paved). My feet were hurting so bad from the shoes I was wearing so I decided to go barefoot. This helped for awhile but then proceeded to blister the bottoms of my feet in addition to the blisters I'd received from my shoes previously. So we stopped at a bridge and watched the water for a bit. Then we went under the bridge and played in it even though the water was rather frigid. It was so beautiful with the sun glistening on the surface of the river.We spent quite awhile just lazing about under that bridge.
After getting bored of sitting on the rocks we climbed up and lay in the soft grass. The sun was setting and so  everything had a rosy glow. It felt nice, being there with two wonderful friends, just laying there having a good time talking and laughing.We ran around and played tag and had grass fights and said very silly things that I don't really even remember (mostly silly things said by Stephanie). Then we set off to the Riverwoods I love the lights at the Riverwoods at night. It looks so magical with them strung up from building to building.
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Saturday, Camille came home from Youth Conference and we watched Pride and Prejudice. I love that movie, it's definitely classic. But really, I like the BBC version so much better than the newer one with Keira Knightly. I love the actress who plays Elizabeth Bennet, I think she does a marvelous job. All the characters are perfect and the soundtrack fits the time period and the setting so well. I like that it's so lengthy because I feel like I get more into it than I do the other one. I wish I were more like Elizabeth Bennet, she's pretty cool.
Yesterday, I taught the 5-6 year olds again in primary but this time Aubrynn was able to come help me. It was really nice being able to have one of us do the lesson and the other try to calm the children down haha. I find though, even after teaching that particular class for three weeks, I really love them. They are so terribly crazy but adorable and so smart for their age. It's amazing how much personality they already have and how much they already know. I love the random hugs and when they show me proudly the pictures they've drawn. It makes me happy. I like their stories too... even though they are usually quite off topic. 
Now I am just sitting at work trying to figure out something useful I can do but blogging instead. 
Also, I turn 20 on Sunday. Whaaaat. I am most definitely too young to be that old.
And there is a galaxy bar sitting right in front of me on my desk. I am trying so hard to save it for later but I may give in to the temptation soon I am afraid.
I'm pretty bored in case you couldn't tell by this very long post haha.


Morgan said...

I love crazy people that think they're god!

Maren said...

Haha me too!