Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas List

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Okay, I feel a little weird posting a list of things I want because I really don't need anything, but a few people have insisted that I compile a list. So here it goes...

Just some ideas:

  • Adele 21 Piano book
  • Jack's Mannequin (preferably Glass Passenger) Piano book
  • Snicker's bar hehe.
  • Brown braided belt (such as this)
  • Flat brown suede boots (like this)
  • Gift cards anywhere with food or clothing :D
  • Jewelry (I love all things silver and turquoise)
  • Books
  • Anything chocolate
  • Cardigan (size small)

Umm... if you're rich you could get me an iphone! or a car. just kiddin'.

That's all I can really think of off the top of my head.

And here's some Christmas music you might enjoy: http://heyitschristmas.bandcamp.com/album/hey-its-christmas-vol-1

The end!

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