Monday, March 5, 2012

fun times.

I love weekends! They are always crazy busy but packed full of good stuff.
So this week, I went ice skating with wonderful people. Which was quite nice, I think I need to go more often though because I have pretty much forgotten everything I learned in my skating class 6ish years ago.
On Saturday we went snow tubing at Soldier Hollow with my ward. It was really cold and I ruined my brand new boots (they're wearable though) but it was awesome! Then Jamie and I practically froze so we went back to the lodge and became acquainted with some people we hadn't talked to before. And we ate doughnuts. So that was fun.
The best part of the weekend was seeing Unicorn City on Saturday afternoon. I had seen the trailer but didn't really know what to expect and wasn't that interested in seeing it. Robert and Jamie were going and they invited me so I figured why not. It turned out to be pretty silly, and funny in a very awkward-nerdy way. We loved it! Turns out I know two people who make appearances in it. Jamie and I were shocked when we saw someone we'd gone to high school with. He got a lot of screen time too! After the show, we were surprised to see the director (I think?) and one of the main actors, Matt Mattson, standing by the exit. Matt Mattson signed his autograph for us and we got a picture with him. It was great and all three of us were pretty much ecstatic and couldn't stop talking about it on the ride home.

I'm excited to see what adventures this next week holds. :)

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