Friday, October 2, 2009

I want to be...

I want to be confident

I want to be someone people can trust

Someone they can feel comfortable around

And know that they have a friend in me

I want to be beautiful

But in my own sort of way

Kind of different

I want to be able to express myself somehow

Maybe through music, writing, art, just something

I want to be happy with myself

I want to be cultured

To see many different places

And be accepting to differences

I want to be smart

But not as much in facts

I want to know facts

But I want to be able to think deeply

And to connect my thoughts to my emotions

And to be able to create things with my ideas and feelings

And maybe make a difference in someone's life

I want to be someone that people will love

And someone who loves everyone

No matter what the person may be like

Because I know everyone's a person

And they all feel

Just like me

And I don't want to be lonely

And I don't want to be sad

I want to be someone who understands 

And listens

Basically that's it

I have a lot of expectations for myself

1 comment:

Alexi Wilcox said...

Maren You are AWESOME!!!!! Love you!!!