Thursday, April 15, 2010

Radioactive Slime.

So after I got home from il Palio, (see previous post) I came home and Camille informed me that Stephanie had to go to the emergency room for appendicitis. We were really really worried of course. She stayed in the hospital that night and then had surgery the following morning.

We visited her at the hospital the next day and she was drugged up on morphine so she was slurring in her speech which was kind of funny. It wasn't funny at all to see her so helpless though, it surprised both me and Camille. We knew she was going to be very sick but I guess we just didn't expect it really... Her mom had to go home because her dad had also had surgery and she has like five or so younger brothers who needed looking after. So I stayed at the hospital over night with her.

She was sleeping pretty much the whole time. Every once and awhile she would wake up and say something funny. One time she woke up and looked at me and said "Huh?!? What?! You said what?"and I replied "I didn't say anything Stephanie...." Then she looked really confused and said "Oh... it really sounded like you said 'radioactive slime.'" Then immediately she fell asleep. I started laughing really hard and then about fifteen minutes later she woke up again and said "Whoa! Mumble mumble mumble... Spanish Fork... mumble mumble... Where did THAT come from?! mumble mumble... I.. just don't understand..." and then dropped off to sleep again. It was hilarious haha.

This morning she was a lot more coherent and we watched Anastasia (I love love love that movie) and then I went to work. She's home now, yay! Hopefully she'll start feeling better pretty soon. It was kind of scary though having one of my best friends in the hospital. I remember when Camille had appendicitis and she was only five... I guess I am the only one of us three who still has an appendix. (By the way, Stephanie is kind of like another sister to me and Camille in case you didn't know.)

Anyway, I've got to go study for finals!

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