Friday, March 11, 2011

This is random

So last year Camille gave up Facebook for Lent (40 days) and she did it and I was impressed. This year she decided to try giving up something again and I am doing it too this year. She's giving up chocolate (I don't know how) and I am giving up Facebook because I would eventually like to get to the point where I don't get on it every day. It's only been about three days but has been actually going pretty well. I do tend to almost get on it absent-mindedly sometimes but I've been able to remember just in time haha.

Also my psychology professor sent all of his students this talk and I really liked it. I would recommend reading it. :)

And tonight my sisters and I are going to have a little party. We're having homemade pizza and watching Little Dorrit (a BBC film Camille and I haven't seen before). I am excited.

Also it is Friday and it's sunny and I am so glad.

The end.

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