Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Biases aside...

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So this is a silly post. Yesterday I was bored, so like many young adults/teenagers put in this sort of situation, I started browsing Youtube. I actually came across a couple of things that took me by surprise.

1. People have been terribly cruel to Rebecca Black. I think Friday is a terrible song that was written badly and is meaningless beyond repair but really, why is everyone blaming Rebecca Black? She's not the best singer but she isn't the worst either and I, personally, would probably never buy an album or a song by her but really the cyber bullying towards her has gotten pretty out of hand. Death threats--really? Over a stupid song that she didn't even write? And I think under no circumstance should anyone tell someone that they should become anorexic to be pretty. Or that they should cut themselves until they die. That's just plain cruel. I think sometimes people are mindlessly hurtful towards someone over the internet because they don't actually have to see the reaction. On the other side of those comments was a little 13 year old girl who was shocked to read how many people said they hated her for singing that song. What? Ridiculousness.
Anyway, here's a video of Rebecca making fun of the great "depth and meaning" hidden in the song Friday.

2. So... apparently Justin Bieber actually has a really good voice? I don't like his music because it seems to be made up of meaningless pop lyrics and catchy beats. His ego is probably about three times the size of him. He's mostly only popular among girls 14 and younger. I found a video of him singing before he became famous though. So, I guess I can recognize that even though I dislike his music, that boy has some real musical talent. Yes, he still sounds like a girl at age 17. It was cute when he was 12 but now it's kind of weird. Also, he wrote an autobiography. Yes, in addition to a whole movie dedicated to him he also has a whole book... oh my. But here's an excerpt from the book you might enjoy.

I am not converted to fanaticism for either Rebecca Black or Justin Bieber, these are just two realizations that came along while browsing the internet. 

Anyway, maybe I should stop browsing Youtube when I am bored and do something productive instead... Like decide my major? Nah.

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