Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For once, I feel like I am right where I belong. Why am I the one always packing up my stuff...

While I was packing up my room Friday afternoon, "Why Am I the One" by fun. started playing on my itunes. I found it applicable because I had just been asking myself "why is it that every time I finally get comfortable somewhere I have to pack up and move somewhere else?" It's a good song. But anyway, I am moved back home and, although I am going back in the fall, I still feel sad for some reason. It's an interesting contrast to last year when I was pretty much counting down the seconds until I could move home. Don't get me wrong, I'm more than happy to be able to see my family more often. As you may have noticed, I adore them and they are my very best friends. Still, I am really going to miss my friends in Provo... the Spanish Fork YSA ward just isn't quite the same. Although, I'll probably end up being sad about leaving them in the fall. That is yet to be determined though.

But at the same time as being sad I am actually really happy with life. And I'm glad I am going to miss good ol' Brookview. First of all, it's a good thing since I have to move back in the fall. Secondly, it's nice that I have people to miss. :) I'm glad that this year's experience was so much better than last year's. I'm so thankful for all the lovely people who made it so, even if they don't even know that they did. I'm happy that I was able to embrace being independent, I am so glad I met the people I did, I'm glad Jamie and I became even better friends (at least I think we did). I'm glad I got to do fun things like go to the aquarium, Ikea, fun., Holi, etc. And don't worry, I remember it wasn't perfect. School is hard and sometimes being shy is really hard but I think overall it was my favorite year, even school-wise. I got to take Human Development (so interesting), History of Psychology (loved my professor), Creative Writing (amazing!), three English classes in one semester (probably won't do that again but it was great!), and Intro to Voice (which was probably my favorite class ever). Also, my job is just fantastic. I love the people I work with! So really, I have nothing to complain about. But, still.
I'm going to miss late-night talks with Jamie. She's kinda like a sister.
Ashley because she's just so cool, such a great example, and not even judgmental. She's not coming back in the fall. :(
Oh yeah, Joe and his sassiness. It still surprises me.
Sunday story time with Katie. That girl makes me laugh and she really has the craziest stories.
And really, I didn't get to know Hilary that well, but I'm going to miss her too. And her desserts.
Robert and his random facts about stars and physics. He's moving for good. :(
Brian and Jim just because they are hilarious.
My VT's because they are adorable and so nice.
Jason and his empanada's (sp?) and his movie nights.
Oh and Shawn and Gus of course.
And of course Matt, Sam, Stephanie, and Braden. But they are sort of the friends who are always around so I'm grateful for that.
But, I've already met some pretty cool people and I hope to make some lasting friendships here as well and I'm excited to begin all my summer adventures!

I'm happy to have had such a good year, sad to leave it, but really looking forward to the summer and next fall.

But thanks for everything, friends. :)

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