Wednesday, April 18, 2012

school's out for summer!

Finals are over and I am finally free! This month has been crazy so I have a lot to write about.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Hilary, Jamie, Robert and I bought tickets for fun. the band. And it did turn out to be really fun. They were great live! I was really impressed with the whole concert. There were so many people there though, it was pretty ridiculous. Nate Ruess just has an amazing voice--he sounded just as good as he does in their recordings. He also has amazing performance skills. He just looked so happy to be up there singing his little heart out. He danced all over the stage and he had us sing with him at several parts. I didn't get any pictures because I forgot to bring my camera, oh well. Afterwards we headed to the famous SLC pizzeria, The Pie. Amazing.


 The next day our awesome friend Jason made us a three course meal. So we had cucumber sandwiches (love!), fish, and cheesecake. He also taught us how to open a coconut the other day and it is so interesting. I didn't realize how little I knew about coconuts... but apparently I knew, like, nothing. Also I didn't know that I love coconut meat but it's so delicious!

I also had the chance to read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close for one of my classes. I love this book. I know a lot of people really don't like it, but it was really moving for me. 

Also, Jamie and Parker were watching 127 Hours and invited me to join them. It was amazing. Like pretty much life-changing.
We decided to be social and went to a couple of parties this weekend and we met some pretty cool people. And ate some pretty delicious desserts.

 And last, but most certainly not least, last night we and a bunch of people watched Troll 2.
 Although I had seen it before, it was just as enjoyable as it was the first time. Full of classic moments like this:
 And this:

And we can't forget Grandpa Seth:

Other good things this month:
I got to hang out with Stephanie, Sam, and Braden quite a bit.
My mom and sisters and I went up to Salt Lake for a good day of shopping, Ruth's Diner, and Bruge's Waffles (Amazing! Go there!).
Matt Andersen and I wrote a song. I may post it here later... but fair warning it's not that good. But we spent like 6 hours putting it together and I'm so glad he helped me because otherwise there is no way I would have finished.
Oh yeah, I sang at my first, and only, voice recital. Yay me!
P.F. Chang's Great Wall of Chocolate. Need I say more?
Coral-colored shoes.
Oh, and this song:

And now I'm getting ready to move back home for the summer.
That's about it!
The end.


Jamie said...

bahaha. these facial expressions made my day!

Maren said...

I am so glad!! haha. Oh, that creepy Grandpa Seth.