Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Superhero Crush.

The other day, my older sister told me that if she could date any superhero she would date Batman. This got me thinking about who I would date. I really like Ironman because he's ridiculously smart, he is witty, and sarcastic, but I decided I wouldn't want to date him because he's too arrogant and that really is a quality I find considerably unattractive. Captain America sure is pretty, but I don't think he's my type, nor am I his. Same with Thor. I haven't seen X-Men (I know, crazy, right?) so that narrows it down a bit. I went to see The Amazing Spider-Man the other day and I realized that Peter Parker is almost exactly the kind of boy I would want to date. I know, I know, he's not as ripped as Thor or inhumanly attractive like Captain America. He's not as witty and sarcastic as Ironman. He just isn't Batman. But I think out of those heroes, if I were to meet them all in real life, Peter Parker is the one I'd fall head over heels for and here's why (this is solely based on The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield, I haven't read the comics and I don't really remember the other movies):
He is cute in a nerdy/skater sort of way.
He is a skater, and for no apparent reason I find that to be an incredibly attractive quality.
He's been through an insane amount of pain and loss but still turned out a hero.
He is really smart. He loves science and it comes naturally to him (he came up with that one equation). He's not arrogant about his intelligence though.
He's kind of awkward and shy but I find that adorable.
He seems really intellectual and deep. Like someone you could have amazing discussions with.
He seems pretty down to earth and real. He's got a lot of problems but he figures out how to deal with them and he grows a lot just within that particular movie.
Despite not being Thor, he is incredibly strong.
I like his clothing style. (Not the spider suit, but all the other times).
I like his crazy hair.
 So there you go.
Also because of that movie (even though it's Coldplay...):

And nothing to do with Spiderman:

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dporter said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! I agree, he's cute. Although I myself am a loyal Captain America fan- (I love how you said he's inhumanly gorgeous), seems like Peter Parker is your kind of guy :) If I could marry a superhero, I'd take Steve Rogers any day....