Saturday, November 10, 2012

In two years.

(I stole this from his Facebook...)
I have been putting off writing this post. I think it's a combination of being constantly busy and having writer's block. It's hard to put two years of adventures into words on a blog. I guess it's just difficult to explain what this boy has done for me the past couple of years and why I adore him in just one blog post. But I'm going to just sit down and write. We'll see how this goes.

When I first met Braden about four years ago, I never expected us to become good friends. We were friends, certainly, but we were never really close. After about a year we were pretty much out of each other's lives anyway. We didn't talk and just went down our different paths. Well two years and a Happy Valentine's day text later we started hanging out a lot. He had changed a lot, and hopefully, so had I. We hung out like once a week but eventually we started hanging out every day. He's become my best friend and I think he knows me better than almost anyone else.

We went on so many adventures! Countless concerts, we tried pretty much every restaurant in Provo/Orem area, so many long drives up the canyon often blasting Florence and the Machine, snowy hikes, Red Robin (that boy knows just what will cheer me up when I am sad...), movies, ice cream, photography adventures, just driving around in Ellie (his car) and talking about everything from topics like the gospel to random conversation about just whatever, we've cried together, and laughed so hard we couldn't breathe, utilized Netflix so much, made random trips to Salt Lake for shopping or Temple Square trips with Jacob and Camille, Hatch's hot chocolate, we went on a mad hunt for "He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not."

I think he's silly for not liking pickles.
He thinks I'm silly for not liking cheesecake.
I always get to eat his fries when we go to Chili's because he doesn't like them.
He let's me control the radio in his car.
We like to make jokes about hipsters.
Even though we both like how hipsters dress and the music they listen to.
...But we are NOT hipsters!

I love that he likes to shop with me. He's so patient and helps me find what I want to find. :D
Sometimes we try on aviator sunglasses and pretend like we're cool... but really we are just dorks.

I love how much he loves his family. He and Braxton are adorable because they are such good buddies. I can tell he really cares about all of them and wants the best for them. I love them too, he has the best family. 

We often hang out with Stephanie and Sam and get really silly. It's pretty awesome. We've made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with them and fresh margherita pizza. We've hiked Stewart Falls and and gone to Macaroni Grill, seen movies, and driven around looking at fancy houses.

We both love Emma Watson, Zooey Deschanel, and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt.
We love 500 Days of Summer.

I think he looks cute in his glasses.
He gave me mint green skinny jeans for my birthday.
We both love Imagine Dragons.

Sometimes I am whiny and dramatic and that annoys him.
Sometimes he acts like a know-it-all and that annoys me.
But we still adore each other anyway.

He knows the way to my heart is through food.
I know the way to his heart is through words.

I just feel really lucky to have had him in my life for two years. Almost a month ago he entered the MTC to begin his mission to Mexico. I miss him like crazy but you know, I am okay, and I think that's because I know he is going to be such an awesome missionary and he is going to have one of the best experiences of his life and I am so happy for him.
He gives the best hugs and he is the one of the most honest, trustworthy, sweetest guys I have ever known.  He's always been there for me and I love him to death. I'm so proud of him for choosing to serve a mission and I know he will change so many lives and he will grow so much!

See you in two years! :)


Azza Brown said...

This is amazing.

Camille said...

D'awwww. Just crying here.

Maren said...

Thanks guys! :)

Julie Bean said...

Such a sweet post, Maren. You're amazing!!!

Maren said...

Thank you Julie, you are much more amazing! :)