Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday was my dad's birthday. We went out to eat at Los Hermanos and it was really fun. I just love my family... I know I say that a lot but it's because I just really do haha.
But anyway, this blog is about my awesome father. He's one of my favorite people for a lot of reasons. First of all he's part of my family so he automatically is up there on the list, also he is really good at guitar and is so motivated to keep learning and that's pretty impressive I think. In fact, he taught me how to play guitar a little and he showed me how it was like a piano and it made so much more sense than it ever had before! I was excited haha. He has taught me so much about the scriptures and I'm really glad for all the insights and knowledge he has and shares. He's usually very happy and laughs a lot. He really is just nice to everyone and I really look up to him for that. He is very intelligent, he has a Phd and teaches at BYU and has written articles and books and gets to look at old manuscripts for research etc. He's been to places all over the world and when he went places he would always bring back something for Camille and I that are from where he went so we have souvenirs from all these random places and I think it's great haha. We have some very important common interests like: Ice cream, chocolate, and music. Yep, so that is just a short summary of my dad! He's amazing and I'm pretty sure he's the best dad ever. :D

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