Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sophmore year here I come

Well I am getting ready for school to start on Monday. I am kind of nervous because I'm taking some hard classes this semester but I think they all sound good so hopefully I will like them. I moved out yesterday... It's kind of strange and it doesn't really feel like I'm moved out but more like I'm having a sleep over or I'm at EFY or something. The apartment is really nice and my roommates are cool and my RA (resident assistant?) seems really nice too. Today Jamie and I went shopping and had to take the cart back to out room with us because we don't have a car and we couldn't carry all the groceries. I think we probably looked kind of funny. But we did return it afterwards. I miss my family but I think I will miss them more next week. I am so lucky that I only live like 20 minutes away from them though!
Our living room.

Me and Jamie's room.

Lovely desk.

One of my roommates :D

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