Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Weekend Trip to Pine Valley.

Over the weekend my mom, my sisters, some friends and I traveled down to Pine Valley which is about 45 minutes outside of St. George. It was a really short trip but it was really fun just to hang out with friends and family for a little while before school starts. (I can't believe Summer is almost over...)
The cabin we stayed in was very nice and very large and was more like a house than a cabin. They had kind of a home theater sort of thing which we really enjoyed. We watched movies until very early in the morning which was fun and then Stephanie got really tired and would say really funny things like "I want banana pops! They look like the lights on the ceiling! Wait a second... I don't even like banana pops... or bananas. They're squishy like slugs." and silly things like that. You kinda had to be there though... haha. Trust me it was funny. We also rode a crazy roller coaster, went four wheeling, had long car rides, played games, etc.
We went to Primm (just outside of Las Vegas) to ride a roller coaster called The Desperado. It was really fun but not as scary as it looks. Oh well haha. I still enjoyed it.
And here are just some random pictures. Unfortunately I only took pictures while I was in the car so I only have pictures of the people riding with me.
Sorry Jamie.. I just think this picture is really funny. :)

Stephanie loves putting her head out of the window... she's like a dog haha.

And this is the view from out the window. 

Our hair was blowing around everywhere with the windows open.


The end!

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