Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Cheesy Post for Two Crazy Kids

Camille and Stephanie are pretty much the best friends I've ever had... I have lot of very good friends and I love them all but these two have been with me through more than any of my other friends. I am really sad to be moving away because I'm really going to miss my family and Stephanie (she's practically my sister anyway) and even though I'll only be 20 minutes away it will be strange not seeing them pretty much every day... But we will still hang out a lot so it'll be fine I'm sure. :) I just am going to miss them very much. We pretty much have the most fun when we get together.
So this blog is for Camille and Stephanie because they should know that I will miss them and our walks, our Psych parties, when we get really really hyper and say ridiculous things and laugh like crazy, our deep discussions, chocolate eating, etc. You get the idea. But of course it's not the end of those things... they'll just happen less frequently. Camille and Stephanie are both amazing and I love them so much and I'm glad I have them both to be such good friends for me. I don't know what I would do without them. Seriously, it sounds cliche, but I really would be a very very unhappy person without these two crazy kids

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