Monday, August 2, 2010

Shooting stars, birthday parties, sunburns, and rainbows... quite the weekend.

This last weekend was pretty adventurous but wore me out more than I've been worn out in a loooong time. I liked it a lot though. I'll start with Friday night. 
So Stephanie, Camille, and I decided we wanted to sleep outside in Stephanie's backyard on her tramp because none of us had ever done that before and I guess everyone else has... We had quite the exciting water party with Stephanie's awesome sprinkler that can change patterns just by twisting it. We also went to the park in the middle of the night and found out that many teenagers do that... we're kind of like monsters... we wait until dark and then we all flock to the park. Apparently? But we swung on the swings up to the starry sky which was very beautiful and then we saw a rather large shooting star that was blue and then red and I'd never seen one quite that cool before. Then we laid on the tramp talking and being silly and listening to Camille's ipod. Then Camille and I fell asleep but I woke up awhile later to Stephanie and Camille's persistent giggles... and yeah they were making fun of me sleeping. :P But we decided to have 4:00 am s'mores since we were all awake anyway. They were quite delicious actually. We stayed up for awhile after and ended up getting very little sleep. But that's the way sleep overs are supposed to be right? Camille and Stephanie are just amazing friends. I don't know what in the world I would do without them.

The next day Stephanie, Jairen, and I attended Alexi's birthday party. We went up to Willard Bay to go boating. We had SO much fun! Stephanie and I kept riding the tube and we would hang on for our lives but we kept telling the driver to go faster and crazier and when we got off we were so dizzy and laughing hysterically and I'm afraid we looked a little insane. But we didn't care. :) We thought it was pretty dang hilarious. We did that for almost 6 hours and then headed back home and on the drive we saw the most beautiful double rainbow! So thanks to Alexi we had an awesome day! I am now sore and sunburnt but it was way worth it. And here are pictures of course...

The birthday girl! 

Yup. I told you we went insane.

Mmm sugar! Just what we needed.

Crazy sunburn from tubing!

How intense.

*Stephanie starts falling* 
Me: No! Stephanieee!!! Don't give up now!
That is what's happening in this picture.

I love the way the world looks through rain drenched windows.

Double rainbow all the way.
All across the sky.
It was way prettier and more vivid than that... but it was hard to capture.

Well that's the end. Thaaaaanks for reading!


Alexi Wilcox said...

I love it!!! :) thanks for coming I had fun with you!

Jamerz the Freakaziod. said...

I love how you and Stephanie are holding on for dear life and then there is that one boy just sitting there. It makes me smile.