Sunday, October 17, 2010

17 Things

I know it sounds kind of funny, but I want to grow up to be like my little sister. She is just really amazing! And her 17th birthday was last week so here are 17 things I love about Camille (not in any particular order though):

1. She is selfless. She's always been really giving and generous. Any time I am sad she is right there to help me out and she does that for everyone around her.
2. Intelligent. Sometimes I am surprised at the things she says because they seem so wise and insightful. She really knows what she's talking about.
3. Dedicated. I really want to be as motivated as Camille is. She goes to a really hard school and I know she gets overwhelmed by the homework load sometimes, but she keeps trying her best even when she's discouraged. She always does what she knows she is supposed to do and I think that's really admirable because sometimes it's just easier to slack off or give up.
4. Funny. Sometimes we are the silliest people I know. It's really fun and I feel really lucky to have two sisters that I get along with so well and can laugh with so much.
5. Bakes delicious cookies. Enough said.
6. She's so pretty. I am jealous haha.
7. A chocolate lover.
8. She's very inclusive. She always makes sure that no one is lonely or left out of social events. She is pretty popular because she is so willing to go out of her way just to talk to someone who looks lonely or sit by them in class.
9. Reads faster than anyone I know. And she comprehends more than I comprehend when I read slowly...
10. Reads her scriptures like every day and gets so excited about seminary.
11. She has good taste in music.
12. Good at writing, despite the fact she thinks she isn't.
13. She and I have great homework parties. Best ones I've been to.
14. Patient.
15. She watches chick flicks with me. And BBC films like Pride and Prejudice, Emma, North and South, etc.
16. Crazy.
17. She's my best friend. I can talk to her about anything and I never get sick of hanging out with her. I am so lucky and grateful to have her as my sister!