Monday, October 25, 2010

I love Cafe Rio.


I was having a pretty tough morning yesterday, and as soon as Stephanie found out, she came down here (from Lehi, so it wasn't easy and she had to pay) but she didn't even waste a second and I didn't have to ask her. She just came down and we decided to see "Despicable Me" at the dollar theater. (Mostly because Inception was sold out). We got soaked in the rain as we ran to Shopko and bought delicious treats for our movie experience. The movie was funny at some parts and the girls sitting next to us laughed hysterically through the entire thing. Then after that, we ate food at Cafe Rio (my favorite place these days) and then she had to leave for her bus pretty soon after. And, even though it was really short, I felt a lot better. It was nice to just hang out with a good friend for awhile. And it was sooo nice of her to just come down without having planned it beforehand. I'm really lucky, and grateful that she is my friend.

So thanks, Stephanie. :)

Also, I love the movie "Anastasia." Kristy was watching it the other day and afterwards we just played the songs over and over on Youtube and sang along. It was fun, and brought back good memories of Camille and I watching it when we were little and then dancing and singing along to the ending credits.

So yeah. I think I'm sick. Ohhh well.

That is all.

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Alexi Wilcox said...

Hey i wanna go to Cafe rio!