Monday, November 22, 2010

I am bored.This is a terribly long post. Just warning you.

Thursday night was the night that I went to my first midnight movie at a theater. It was pretty eventful... I guess, well, at least once the waiting-in-line thing was over. After work, Camille came over and she, Jamie, and I got pizza and then Parker picked us up. While Camille and I were waiting in line (it took forever to find the end) we made a new friend. And then we three proceeded to have one of the most nerdy conversations (all about Harry Potter) that I've been involved in for awhile. I've certainly sat in on many recently though just none I was interested in... haha. And although I almost hate to admit it--I thoroughly enjoyed our Harry Potter discussion. Parker and Jamie found us and then we also ran into Jamie's sister, Sam, and a boy named Stewart. (He went to Walden with us for awhile). So they joined our group and we started playing card games which was pretty fun and it helped us sort of ignore how cold we were... But after two hours of that, we were allowed to go inside (thankfully) and we got pretty good seats! And the Scera is huge... it surprises me every time. So, we still had two hours to go but at least we were warm and a little more comfortable. But card games weren't really an option anymore because of the seats so Camille and I started listening to her iPod. Yeah... I listen to one earphone and she listens to the other. This wouldn't be the case if it weren't for the washing machine incident of '09, but my iPod is long gone. Sad, sad. Anyway, but we also were watching random videos on her phone, and found it was actually quite entertaining (this shows just how bored we were) to watch a video and then pick a song to go along. It was really really funny. Especially if the video had Stephanie in it and the music was dramatic... they just go together well? We laughed a lot, but it was probably one of those you-had-to-be-there-moments. So after about two hours of doing that, people started counting down for the show to start. It was very exciting...
The movie was good... I actually liked it a lot more than I thought I would. There were some parts that seemed kind of irrelevant? Like Harry and Hermione's little dance in the tent. I'm pretty sure Daniel Radcliffe doesn't know how ridiculous he looks when he dances.. or all the time. Camille and I were laughing through that whole part. And I was terribly sad when Dobby died. And now I want to watch all of the movies over again. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. 
I've almost made it to Thanksgiving Break! I am so excited. It feels like it's taken forever to come. And school has been too crazy. A break sounds kind of amazing.
Oh, yesterday Kristy brought home a bunch of Christmas decorations from her house so we put them up around the apartment. It was actually really fun! Even though Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet... Now we are all in a Christmas-y mood and we made paper snowflakes to hang on the ceiling and I love them. Haha, I love my roommates. I can't wait until we decorate at my real home though. I miss my family which is one reason I am so excited for Thanksgiving. Also, delicious food. Family and food, need I say more?
Okay I'm really done now.

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