Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Break/Birthday Post

Thanksgiving Break:
We were lucky and had blizzard warnings so the university closed a day and a half early. I was so glad! I didn't have to go to work Wednesday or to my three hour class on Tuesday. Instead, I packed my bags and went to my Spanish Fork home on Tuesday.
Here are some highlights from the break:
-Saw Tangled with my sisters and mom. It was pretty good actually!
-Had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and triple chocolate pecan pie.
-Went Black Friday shopping.
-Saw Inception for the second time with some friends.

And that's pretty much it. I don't want it to end though. But thankfully it's only like three weeks until Christmas break. Thank goodness.

And I know thankful lists are cheesy and perhaps you might be bored by mine but I am going to write one anyway.
I am thankful for:
-My mom--Her ability to make the best lasagna ever, how she listens to me when I really need a friend, and that she's just basically the best mom ever. Really.
-My dad--He's just so happy most of the time, or at least seems to be, it makes me happy too. He's the best dad ever.
-My sisters-- They're hilarious and I love them.
-Stephanie--Best friend anyone could ask for. (See birthday post below)
-Jamie--Best roommate ever and amazing friend. She goes through so much but is really strong.
-My church
-As much as it doesn't feel like it sometimes, I am grateful for school. I just can't wait for it to be over.
-Delicious food
-My house
-Snow when it's falling and pretty.

Those are just a few but there you go.

Birthday Post:
Thursday was Thanksgiving day but also Stephanie's birthday. So here is my little tribute to her for her birthday. She is basically like a sister to me. She, Camille, and I had so much fun over the summer while she was living in Spanish Fork. One thing I really like about being friends with her is that she always inspires me to be better. Not in a condescending way or anything, just the way she tries so hard to be a good person and to be healthy and smart, etc. etc. Stephanie is one person I can have philosophical discussions with and she's really respectful of other people's opinions so it's easy to talk to her about anything even if she doesn't agree. Don't be fooled by her apparent shyness though, she can actually be very crazy and fun. A lot of the time even. She has excellent taste in music, is very talented at drawing, very pretty, smarter and wiser than you'd expect from someone her age (I'm lucky to know two exceptionally smart 17-year-olds). She is a really good friend because she's always there if someone needs her and she's really caring when it comes to other people. Even though Camille, Stephanie, and I are all living in different places now and don't see each other as much we manage to stay close friends and I am very grateful for that. A lot of friends don't stick with you for that long. SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPHANIE!!!! I love you!! 

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