Monday, January 3, 2011

A few resolutions...

A lot of changes happened in 2010. I lost friends, but gained a few, and strengthened some old friendships, I moved out, I realized just how important my family is to me, cried a lot, but laughed a lot too, went on so many adventures, but sat at home bored sometimes too. I am actually pretty excited to see what happens this year. A little nervous too, but mostly excited. I actually made resolutions this time (I normally don't) and I am really looking forward to working on them.

So here are just a few of the ones I came up with:
-Run a 10 k.
-Eat healthier and more natural foods.
-Three A's winter semester. (ahhh scary).
-Choose a major. (Scarier).
-Move forward with my musical skills. (Learn guitar, keep practicing piano, perform, etc.)
-Spend much less time on the computer and more time reading, writing, etc.
-Focus more on serving other people and helping others be happy instead of being so focused on my own happiness.
-Actually use a planner for at least a couple of months. (I rarely even stick to it for 2 weeks but I need to be more organized).
-Go on more adventures, even if they're local. (Holi, concerts, hikes, etc.)

So yeah, those are just a few. And I know a lot of them aren't really measurable goals that I can just achieve and be done with, but I like it that way. I tend to get more excited about starting goals than finishing them so most of these are just ways I want to improve my life this year. That way I can keep working on them and hopefully just get better and better at living the way I want to.

So... that's the end.

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