Friday, January 21, 2011

The Wall.

You know, today was actually a pretty great day. I was surprised because it didn't start out terribly well and I was in an awful mood. I was nervous for my italian class, but it turns out my midterm is a take home test with open book, open note, open dictionary and that was only the first good thing that happened. My physical science teacher is funny and Jamie joins me on fridays for that class and it's nice to have a friend in that huge group. After that we set off to go apartment hunting for next fall-winter semesters and the first one we looked at was really really good. And it turned out that it was the only one we looked at since the other one we went to find looked kind of creepy. It still felt like quite a successful hunt though. Then we decided to go to Guru's but we wanted a friend to come with us. Everyone was busy since it was such short notice but we finally got a hold of Jamie's friend Nathaniel, and he really is just enjoyable to be around. So Jamie and I took the bus and got yelled at by the bus driver because we were late and she had to wait for us to get on. (We looked at the clock and we were right on time). Then we got off at the Wilk and got on the wrong bus... so we walked the rest of the way. We felt very accomplished afterwards though. Guru's is a pretty wonderful place, I've decided. The decorations are pretty cool and unique and the food is healthy but delicious... and goodness, they have the best sweet potato fries.
Google image.
 So when we came back we put tons of photos from our lives on our wall. Now our room looks a lot happier and more lived-in than it did last semester. I like it. :) 
Also, Camille and my mom are coming home tomorrow and I am really excited to see them.

The end.

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