Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I'm a nerd but that's okay.

Okay. I am such a nerd sometimes.

There have been a couple of days as I've been sitting here at work, that a nearby professor watches masterpiece classic/period piece type movies in her office. Although, I wasn't able to hear the dialogue very well either time, just faint mumblings, the background music is much louder. The first time, just from the background music, I was able to detect that she was watching Wives and Daughters. Today, I was able to deduce that she was watching the 2011 version of Jane Eyre. I just like to see if I can guess correctly. After she watched Jane Eyre, I had to go on Youtube and find my favorite period piece theme songs.

Here is the song I heard today in the background music:

Pride and Prejudice just makes me happy. This song has many many memories of sleep overs and girls' nights. I remember once, Camille, Jess, and I fell asleep at Jess's house while this song kept playing over and over on the main menu. I'm pretty sure I started dreaming about it.

And I absolutely love the 2009 version of Emma. The opening theme for that song is simply lovely.

And that was random but, hey, it's okay.

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