Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Pinterest Love: the beach.

I'm going to California soon with my family. I am so ready to go. So ready. Except I just need a pair of sandals and a new swimsuit. So I've been looking around at my options for modest and cute swimsuits. (Technically I didn't find most of these on Pinterest but I pinned them so it counts, right?). I just really like this vintage look. Here are my favorites:

Popina Swimwear actually has a lot of really cute, modest, vintage-style swimsuits. I love this red Jantzen vamp.

Modcloth is where I've found most of the swimsuits I really like. Too bad they're all expensive. Here is Bathing in Beauty light blue velvet.

Beach Blanket Bingo.

Bathing in Beauty plum posy (adorable).

Bathing in Beauty cherry pie. This one might be my very favorite.

Last, but not least, I love love love these sandals. 


Jamie said...

oh my word these swimsuits are adorable and you could totally pull them off! I wish I was skinny like you. and oh my those shoes are beautiful. if i ever have money we should go shopping.

Maren said...

I knowww, I want those shoes so bad! And a swimsuit would be nice too. But yes! Let's go shopping sometime soon but when we have money?