Tuesday, September 11, 2012

concert craziness.

I've attended so many concerts this summer I can't actually remember all of them. I loved it though. I love music more than a lot of things, so hearing it live and seeing the artists perform is such an awesome experience for me.
Let's see, I went to...
Twilight Concert Series (Band of Horses, Joshua James, Iron and Wine)
Rooftop Concert Series (Isaac Russell, Fictionist and something else I can't remember)
Andrew Bird
and the Piano Guys.

Band of Horses was slightly disappointing. Joshua James was as good as always. I liked Iron and Wine but they played each song a lot differently than recorded and I understand why... but it's harder to sing along with. Isaac Russell was awesome and he seemed uncommonly chipper. Fictionist was okay but New Electric Sound and Jen Bloslin opened for them and they were both amazing performances! Andrew Bird was my favorite concert I've been to this year, he was absolutely amazing and I'm seriously in love with that man. I think he bleeds music probably. The Piano Guys were also one of my favorite concerts this year. They are always entertaining and incredibly talented.
Here are some photos from my concert adventures:

Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth at Isaac Russell

 Bret likes shoes. So he took a picture I guess.


Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth at Fictionist.

 Iron and Wine

 Twilight Concert Series

 Me and Braden :)

The love of my life playing the violin--taken on my cell phone's terrible camera.

There ya go. Imagine Dragons on the 29th. Can't wait.

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