Monday, September 3, 2012

This isn't goodbye.

I don’t know if you remember this post from when I was moving back home for the summer. I kind of alluded to being a bit scared. What I left out was that I was freaking terrified.  I imagined myself spending every evening alone at home while Camille worked. I was scared about not having friends. I knew my friendships with my Provo friends wouldn’t be as strong—that’s how it always goes with the distance. I was so scared of feeling lonely.  
I decided to pray. I prayed for the opportunity to make friends and I asked that if I did my part and actually sought out good friends and made the effort to be a good friend, that I would be able to find people who would influence me for the better and who I would be able to trust. Well, our first Sunday here Camille and I were welcomed immediately by everyone. I worked hard to be the friendliest and most confident I could be and just trusted that the Lord would help me find the friends I needed at that time if I did my best.
I met a lot of awesome people and I was surprised at how easily I could just forget about my own insecurities if I just went looking for people to talk to and made sure they had a good time instead of focusing on whether I was enjoying myself or not. By doing this, I always came back feeling super happy. I met some of the most amazing people this summer. I could probably go on and on about everyone and how much each friendship meant to me, but I’d really like to focus on Cody for this post. This is partly because he leaves for his mission in two days and partly because he really is my best friend.
photo credit: daniel driskill
Even though I became friends with a couple of Cody’s before I actually became friends with him, we definitely clicked fast and we became best friends faster than I’ve ever become best friends with anyone. I think this is because he’s basically the best at listening and just being there for someone. He was always the first person I’d go to when I needed to talk.
One night, Daniel and I were talking on my back porch and we got on the topic of how awesome of a friend Cody is—we often do that since we both look up to him so much.  I mentioned that Cody really seems to look out for me. Daniel said something about how he thought Cody sort of viewed me as a sister. So since then I have called him my brother. I have always kind of wanted a brother, so I was really happy about that. We pretty much are like siblings. And it’s really awesome.
We’ve been on so many adventures this summer.  Hikes, walks, Summer Sensation, a paper route until five in the morning, Fiesta Days, he can handle me when I’m on six hour energy, shop-carting (basically shop cart racing), star gazing in Payson canyon, random parties, guitar hero (he improved so much this summer!), my longboarding accident, crazy drama, tons of tiki punch drinks, Red Robin, movies, and so much more. We hung out pretty much every day. We’ve had so many awesome heart to heart talks. He’s probably the best hugger you’ll meet.
Cody is like the sweetest, most patient, most spiritual person ever. I look up to him so much and he sets such an amazing example for me. I want to be like him in so many ways. I’m so grateful for everything he’s done for me in the past four months. Cody was one of the biggest answers to my prayers, he really has helped me so much this summer. I'll miss him so much but I know he’ll be one of best missionaries because he has so much love and patience for people. He’ll definitely change lives for the better out there. 

So, good luck Cody. I freaking love you and I’m going to miss you!

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Camille said...

I will miss Cody too! What a great guy he is.