Friday, July 19, 2013

California Trip: Monday-Tuesday


On Monday, we went to Point Lobos state park. It was really foggy and cold at first. We sat at a picnic table and ate the sandwiches we got from a french bakery. So I was just sitting there, minding my own business, eating my tasty sandwich when BAM something dropped from the tree above us onto the sandwich paper in front of me. (Thankfully my sandwich was safely in my hand). I looked down to see a spindly, long-legged spider just chilling there. Of course I screamed and jumped up (I'm so arachnophobic it's not even funny). No one wanted to touch it, so it just chilled on my sandwich paper and I was just thankful it didn't land in my hair or something.
Point Lobos ended up being really fun. We hiked around and I decided cypress trees are simply gorgeous. We saw little otters poking their heads up and down in the ocean. They were cute! We could hear a sea lion barking but I don't think we ever saw it. We played in tide pools and watched the seals laze about on their napping rock.
After hiking, me, mom, and Jamie Lyn found a beach in Carmel. We wanted to see the sun set over the ocean. Mom started reading Jamie Lyn's book and Jamie Lyn played on her iPhone, so I was bored. I decided maybe walking in the sand to the other side of the beach might be fun. So, I did that and it was so tiring! Awesome, but holy cow it was a long beach and sand gets hard to trudge through after awhile. I went back and we decided to leave because the sunset wasn't too pretty since it was cloudy. We went and looked at fancy, expensive houses which was fun! They have such cute little cottage-looking houses with pretty gardens so close to the beach. Pretty much my dream to live somewhere like that. But soooooo expensive. We got some fliers of a couple of the houses for sale and brought them home to Dad and told him we are moving to Carmel. He didn't even believe us for a second because he saw the prices. That night Mom and I watched Hitch.

Cypress trees:

Me and Jamie Lyn at the beach in Carmel with Camille's representative, Martin the penguin:


Tuesday was probably my favorite day so far. I woke up to my parents trying to decide what to do. My mom really wanted to go kayaking or stand-up paddle-boarding. The rest of us said we didn't care what we did. Even I said that, but secretly hoped we wouldn't go kayaking or paddle-boarding. I am way terrified of being in the ocean. Being on it or near it is amazing! But falling in or swimming in it scares me so bad for some reason. I could tell my mom really wanted to go so when we decided on that, I just went with it. We drove to the adventure place. The worker in the store reminded me of Auggie from Covert Affairs for some reason. Maybe because he was tall and lanky with thick dark hair and bushy eyebrows. I haven't watched that show in forever though so I'm surprised I even made that connection. He was so nice though! He told us that he thought stand-up paddle-boarding was more fun than kayaking so we paid to do two hours of that. We changed into wetsuits and he taught us how to paddle-board. We each got out own board, which looks to me basically like a huge surf board. The board lays flat on the water and there is a little anklet you wear that keeps you connected to it. You get on the board on your knees, so you start out kneeling and you just paddle along until you feel comfortable enough to stand up. I really didn't want to fall off, so I knelt and paddled for quite awhile. My dad was brave and attempted to stand up first. He stood for a minute, then fell into the water. That was not encouraging to me haha. Then Jamie Lyn slowly got up and then my mom did. So I tried just jumping up really quickly and it was really easy! But paddle-boarding is way more fun when you stand up. We paddled around and I kept running into kelp and boats but other than that it was way fun. Jamie Lyn and I decided to get off to go ask Auggie how much time we had left (none not get off. She hopped off and fell onto the deck with her legs in the water. We laughed and I used the boat next to me to steady myself and avoid falling. We pulled our boards onto the dock and they were so heavy! My paddle fell into the water and I started to get annoyed but I grabbed it and put it on the dock. We finally got everything together when my mom fell off her board and was a little shocked by it so she was like "I'm... I think I'm done!" so while my dad was helping her onto the dock he was like, "Maren, grab the boards!" so I got frustrated because they were heavy and the dock was scorching my bare feet. But I pulled them up and the paddles fell into the water. Which annoyed me more, so I took one and threw it (in frustration) onto the dock and it slipped to the other side and right back into the water. Jamie Lyn had seen this whole frustrating situation and just started laughing so I kind of did too. But we lost that paddle... oops.
of us had a water proof time-device) so we tried to get off our boards. Thankfully, Jamie Lyn went first so I learned how to
Auggie was really understanding though and didn't make us pay for it! We had only used 50 minutes of our 2 hours so he let us go kayaking (which technically wasn't allowed). When kayaking in a two person kayak, the person sitting in front sets the pace and keeps it going while the person in back steers. Well, I was lucky and went in front with my dad in the back. We were pro! (Well, he was and that was enough). But Mom .
and Jamie Lyn had no idea what they were doing and it was hilarious. I would have been in the same
situation though if it weren't for my dad. They would pass us and my mom, with a pained expression, would mouth "help me!" Hahaha. There was a seal chilling on this metal ball that I think was an anchor? And Mom and Jamie Lyn had no idea how to steer. You are supposed to stay 50 feet away from sea animals but they started heading to the ball. My dad asked me "What are they doing?!" and I just shook my head and laughed cause I had no idea. They kept heading straight for the ball and the seal just watched them come closer and closer with a confused expression like he was saying "What the heck do you think you're doing?" and my mom was frantically paddling just like "No! Sorry seal!!" and Jamie Lyn was freaking out in the back. They ended up hitting the ball and the seal jumped off angrily grunting. Maybe you had to be there... but it
was so funny I laughed about it forever. So Dad taught them how to steer and after awhile we headed back. It got super windy so we had to work really hard. We got all the way back and realized we couldn't even see Mom and Jamie Lyn! So we had to go back... we got out there and turns out the wind had kept blowing their kayak into some rocks. Over and over again. So we finally all made it back safely. I had so much fun though! Not sure about Mom and Jamie Lyn but I'm really glad we did it because it was like my favorite day. That night we went to the farmers market and we got to try all of this amazingly fresh fruit. I had the best mango. I love farmers markets.

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