Thursday, July 18, 2013

California Trip: Saturday-Sunday

For the week of the fourth of July, my family was lucky enough to go on vacation to Monterey, California. When my parents ask us where we want to go on vacation, we generally don't care where as long as there is a beach. This was our second trip to Monterey, and it was just as awesome as the first and even slightly warmer. So that made me happy. I kept a journal-ish type thing, mostly so I could remember what to write to Steven, Braden, and Camille about the trip, but also for my own records. I drew some pretty awesome pictures... (not) but I might include them in here. Also, we took some real pictures so I'll add those as well. Here is what I wrote about Saturday and Sunday of our trip:

Saturday, I woke up at 6:00 am and we drove. And drove. And drove. Thankfully, I slept most of the way. I always wake up by the time we get to Nevada... and then I wish I was tired enough to sleep some more. Nevada is one of the most boring states to drive through. Just sage brush and dirt for miles. We tried to distract ourselves from the boredom by listening to a podcast on This American Life. When we got to California I was so happy. I love how beautiful it is! We ate at Chili's for dinner and I actually couldn't  eat a full burger and fries (which is really strange for me). Our condo is nice but the driveway is so steep! Every time we drive up it, I'm grateful we didn't slide backwards and crash into the road. Mom, Jamie Lyn and I watched the Truth About Cats and Dogs. But I fell asleep (surprise, surprise) so I need to watch the rest sometime.

My depiction of Nevada vs. California (I know, I know, I'm such a good artist...)

Jamie Lyn and I sleep in the same room here and she said I sleep talk! I must have been stressed out or something because I don't normally... I guess I just mumbled incoherently and then I'd say "okay."
My family likes to visit different churches on our vacations. Sometimes that leads to some really interesting things... and some very strange people. This time it didn't so much though. We always go to sacrament meeting first and last year's choice was really strange, but this one was a pretty normal ward.
Then we attended a Catholic Mission Mass. I had never been to one before! It was very cool and really interesting. The choir was beautiful and I enjoyed that we sang more than listened to speakers haha. After mass, we went into the little gift shop and found interesting items like Holy Granola which probably wasn't worth the 15 bucks it cost. After that we went to the beach!! It was kind of cold there, so I just laid on our beach blanket and got warmed up by the sunshine. I love the sound of the ocean, and kids screaming and laughing while they jump in the waves, and the sand! I freaking love sand and I don't even know why. But this sand was so beautiful, white and soft. I fell asleep because I was exhausted and content. We went home a little later, and I still felt
exhausted so I slept right through dinner and kept sleeping for like 4 hours. I woke up feeling really sick but needed to eat and shower so I went out into the living room. I thought I just felt sick because I was still waking up. My family all went to bed, and I expected I wouldn't be able to sleep for awhile since I had napped so long. But I went back to bed and slept all the way until 9 the next morning. I felt so much better, so I guess I really needed it!

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