Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh these lazy hazy crazy days of summer...Part 1

So I have a lot to write about!! I have been slacking off on blogging because I have actually been really busy. I took an English class Spring term and LOVED it. Also got an A, so that's a bonus. I've been working a lot (now full time), hanging out with awesome people, and I went on vacation to California last week (which I will write about in a different blog post). So here is my life lately according to my camera and facebook photos... Like from the beginning of summer til recently.

 I have gone to Comedysportz in Provo several times with some wonderful people.
I think this picture is weird because all of our eyes our glowing from the flash... vampire eyes?

I proposed to Daniel at temple night... after he proposed to Katie... he said yes! Mostly I just like my outfit in this picture.

Can you tell he's thrilled?

Here we are breaking up while I hold billions of napkins... but really this was at ward prayer. I brought treats and these were the leftover napkins.

 I hiked up to Bridal Veil Falls for the first time, with these lovely people. (And a few others not in this photo). It was fun but kind of traumatic because a little girl got hit by a rock that fell from the waterfall... she ended up okay but it was scary!

 I've played at the park lots. Here, Jake and I are owling (like planking but owls...) while Joe falls off.

 For Caitlin's birthday we got frozen yogurt and I learned how to keep a spoon on my nose for the first time. (I'd really never been able to successfully do that before)

A few weeks ago I spent almost every day hanging out at Steven's house because he needed company since he got his tonsils out and because he leaves on his mission next week! So I'm glad I got to hang out with him and his cute sisters so much, for at least a little while.

Kari playing dead man with Steven and I on the tramp

Sophie and Kari, my new best friends
Me and Kari
Grumpy face. Please stop taking pictures of me, Steven.
So cute!
I think that's enough for one blog post. So, more to come later in part 2!

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