Friday, June 4, 2010

In memory...

This morning my favorite cat passed away. :( We've had Simon since I was three years old so I pretty much grew up with him always around. Basically he was really awesome. He was really friendly and pretty happy most of the time. He was really cuddly and liked to be held like a baby. He loved affection and often fought for our attention when we were watching tv, using the computer, or reading haha.
He had a really loud meow... which was kind of annoying but funny. He's pretty much a cutie. He hung out with me and Camille all the time when we were being crazy and put up with the random things we put on him like bows and ties. 


He also did funny little things like when we would put him in the basement while guests were over he  would paw at the rug and then pull it all the way under the door. You should see this video. :)
He loved to come sit on our laps during movies and he'd fall asleep and it was adorable. He also loved finding random comfy places to sleep.
Aww... I miss him. He had a super cute little furry face.

He loved sunshine and looking out the windows... it was probably his favorite thing to do besides hang out with me and Camille. 

 Simon is my buddy... I know he's a cat... but still he was a really good little friend to me. And there were many times when I cried and he came purring on over to cuddle with me and make me feel loved. We had lots of laughs about him and silly things he did... I miss him lots......

Simon I really love and miss you and I won't ever forget you... 
"And when the hour is upon us... and our echo starts to fade... No you will not be forgotten and you will not be alone."


Jamerz the Freakaziod. said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Who will chill out on your kitchen floor with me now? Oh Maren, I am so so sorry. We can have a party when you get home from your trip if you want and it will make everything better. Have a fantastic time and write about your adventures.

Stephanie said...

I'm so sorry. I miss Simon too. :(