Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekend Craziness.

So, last week was a crazy one. One of my friends from high school got married. It's crazy! I feel too young to have a married friend... It was really nice though and her dress was beautiful and both she and her husband looked really really happy. Then on Saturday a few of my friends graduated from high school, like my good friend Jamie who is going to be my roommate this fall. Which I think will be pretty fun! But yeah the Walden graduation this year was really good. The speakers were all amazing and those seniors are brilliant and very talented. I am kind of jealous haha. 

Anyway, I've kind of been really stressed and tired this week so I'm really happy that on Sunday my family is leaving for our vacation. We're going to Monterey and San Francisco and I can't wait even though it's only two days away...

Also, Camille is at EFY and I really miss her but I'm glad she's having fun. But... I'm still happy that I'm going to see her in a couple of days.

Yeah... that's all.

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