Sunday, May 30, 2010

For Matthew Andersen.

This is Matt. He's one of my best friends. Yesterday was his nineteenth birthday... Pretty exciting haha. He is pretty much really great.

Here are some things that make Matt so cool:
- He's ridiculously smart
- He gets really excited about his education... I want to be more like that.
- He can play a lot of different, random instruments and he can play them well, write songs, and sing too.
-He knows about more musicians and bands than anybody I've ever known... (It's really hard to find a band he's never heard.)
-He's really nice to pretty much everyone.
-He is now nineteen.
-He watches movies with me on his laptop at parks in the summer.
-Sometimes our conversations are just ridiculously weird but we think they're pretty entertaining.
-He used to pay for all of my bus rides when we hung out before I got my bus pass.
-He's just a really good person in general haha.
-He's definitely one of the best friends I've ever had.

So umm.. Happy Birthday Matt! You're great... and... the end. :)

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