Saturday, May 22, 2010

Best friends.

This is my little sister Camille and she's pretty much awesome! 

Here are a few of the reasons she's my best friend of all time:
-Whenever I'm sad she's right there with chocolate and a chick flick.
-She's crazy like me. :D
-She's actually very mature even though she's sixteen.
-She watches Psych with me and then later quotes the crazy lines while we pretend to be Gus and Shawn.
-We love Disney movies.
-We like to dance around the house singing with our music turned up really loud.
-She's really trustworthy.
-She loves Neil Patrick Harris
-She puts up with me when I get crazy hyper.
-We can talk about pretty much everything and we agree on a lot. And when we don't agree it doesn't turn into a debate about who is right.
-Even though I am the night owl and she goes to bed really early she still has pulled an all nighter when I never have... I am still surprised haha.
-We watch silly chick flicks like 13 Going on 30 over and over just for fun.
-She always shares her Snickers with me because she knows I love them.
-She's never annoying.
-We have study parties... yes we do homework and eat tons of sugar and listen to music. 
-She reads like crazy and very fast and I am jealous.
-She's one of the most intelligent people I know.
-I want to be more like her in a lot of ways because she's really amazing. 
-We laugh a lot.

So there you go. That is only a small portion of the reasons of why I love my little sister so much. :)

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Alexi Wilcox said...

Awww Maren that was very sweet! :)