Monday, May 10, 2010

Cousin Power.

So when me and Camille were a lot younger we used to see our 2nd cousin, Sunnie, a lot more. She would come down and we would all sleep over at my grandparents house and drink Sunny-D in the morning and we would play with our little stuffed animals and we'd throw them in the air and then yell "Cousin power!!!" Yeah... haha we were very young. But we haven't seen her in probably six or more years so we were really excited when we found out she was coming down for this weekend. It was fun to see her, although unfortunately we were all really tired so not very fun to hang out with. We also had to get Camille ready for prom which I'm not sure Sunnie enjoyed. But I was still glad to get to hang out a bit after her not visiting for so long.

Poor Camille's face got cut out...

Camille and Stephanie went to the Maeser prom which was their first one. They both looked gorgeous and I think they had fun.. They're just growing right up! (I am sooo much older you know.) I was actually really glad to not be going to prom though... I am kind of glad to be done with high school. But it was cool that they got to go.

Camille and Sam... I think they're really cute.

Camille is beautiful and her dress was pretty.

The corsage.

Stephanie's date didn't come to our house beforehand... Sam did not take both of them haha.

So beautiful.


Alexi Wilcox said...

Cute pictures!!!!! :) <3

Maren said...

Thanks! :)