Friday, May 7, 2010

Summer Vacation So Far: Slow days and snow days.

 It's May and it has been gradually warming up but we still keep getting random snow storms. I can't wait until the weather just decides to stay warm... but oh well. I am thinking maybe we are done with snow now? I hope so. You just never know these days though haha. And work is very very slow, I like it though. The people I work with are just great so I like when all of us are here but right now it's just my shift so I am bored... So since I don't have much to write about I decided to make a list of a few books I like. (Just the ones I have read more recently). If you want summaries of the books you can look them up on amazon or something but I think this would be an even longer blog post of I wrote summaries. :)

The Maze Runner is Young Adult Fiction so it's a pretty easy read... I needed that though after reading things like Anna Karenina and Faust all semester. I liked it a lot actually, except I kind of hate it when you read a book and everyone forgets to tell you that it's going to be a series so then it just ends on a cliffhanger and says "End of Book One." Oh well. But anyway, like I said, it's really easy, pretty intense and interesting but not terribly deep. I would recommend it though.

The Hunger Games is a lot like The Maze Runner, so if you like that book you'd probably enjoy this one as well. It's also really easy and fast to read but keeps your interest pretty much the whole time. Unfortunately it also turned into a series. But the second book is actually pretty good as well.

The Book Thief is probably one of my favorite books of all time. It's also Young Adult but absolutely nothing like the books I've already written about. This book is much more thought provoking and serious than the other two but it's really amazing in my opinion. I'm pretty sure you all should read this at some point in your lives.

 So, I actually liked Don Quixote a lot more than I had expected. It's humorous and thought provoking at the same time. I didn't find it boring at all and it was definitely one of the best books I read this past semester.

Anna Karenina is depressing, hard to read, and ridiculously long. Still, it was probably my favorite book that I had to read for my English class. I actually haven't even finished it yet... It's very long haha. I think maybe I liked it so much because the class discussions on it were really interesting and the book itself has a lot of depth and thought provoking ideas in it if you're willing to look for them.

I actually read this book in my junior year of high school... And you know, I was in high school soooo long ago so I can't remember too much about it. I do remember I loved it. So... yeah. I should actually probably read it again.

Okay, well that's probably enough for now. But yeah... I am kind of a nerd and I like to read.

Also, no, the title of this blog wasn't supposed to be clever (which is good because it's not) it's just supposed to be truthful. Just clearing that up so you don't think I was trying to be clever and failing miserably haha.

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