Friday, June 11, 2010

Monterey trip day 5:

Today we drove around Big Sir. The view was absolutely amazing--I haven't seen water that blue in a long time. Then we drove down to see Hearst's Castle but all the tickets were sold out so we got to see it from afar. We went to eat at a fancy fish restaurant but me and my sisters decided to walk to a different restaurant once we saw the menu... everything was really expensive and really fishy and we're not really fish fans. We ate delicious italian food and we even tried some fried artichokes... Which are all over the place over here. They weren't too bad actually. And... yeah that's a pretty good summary of what we did today.

There are so many strawberry fields by our condo...

See? Look how blue!

This is Hearst's Castle with the camera zoomed in... Yeah we didn't see much haha.

The end.

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