Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the fourth.

I absolutely love the fourth of July. It just might be my favorite holiday besides Christmas. I love that it's not too stressful (at least in my family) and we kind of just do whatever sounds fun that day. We usually eat delicious food and then there are fireworks everywhere which I love! I also like the twenty-fourth because in Utah that's pretty much the fourth all over again.
But yeah, so this fourth of July I got up really early--or at least really early for me on a holiday--and went with some friends to hike the Grotto Trail in Payson canyon. It was beautiful--Payson canyon is so green. The hike is pretty short, in fact the drive there took longer, but at the end there's a little waterfall. We just played around and took a few pictures (Daniel let me take a few with his really nice camera) and then drove a little further up the canyon just to see what's up there. It really is gorgeous. So here are some pictures from the hike (photo credit goes to Daniel and Lilly):
 The waterfall.
 Daniel's hipster shoes.
 Some of us.

After that, my family and I went to see Moonrise Kingdom. That was pretty strange... funny but strange haha.
Later, Cody came over and he, Camille, and I watched The Fellowship of the Ring (we're starting to prepare for the Hobbit!) but Julie came down and told us we had to come see the fireworks. So we joined her and our families out on the porch. The fireworks were pretty great! I love aerials, they just make me happy.
So that was pretty much my fourth of July. And now I'm excited for the twenty-fourth!

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