Thursday, July 5, 2012


Remember when I used to blog about adventures I had with Stephanie all of the time? She has been my friend longer than anyone else non-related to me. We met about eight years ago when her mom needed a babysitter for Stephanie's younger brothers. Camille and I always liked to go together, so we started babysitting for them and became fast friends with Stephanie. We three worked hard to take care of her brothers and keep the house clean and it was difficult to achieve both at the same time. I remember one time after we'd sent her brothers to bed, we looked at the family room floor and just felt this wave of despair come over all three of us. It was covered in popcorn. I don't even know how they managed to eat any of it because it looked like it all had somehow gathered to the floor... every square foot of the carpet. We picked up the big pieces, but there were still tiny bits of popcorn everywhere. Stephanie realized the vacuum was locked up and we didn't have the key. So.... our only option was to use brooms, and let me tell you--brooms are not meant for sweeping carpeted surfaces. So, we probably spent a good hour just sweeping all of that up. The floor looked amazing after that. It was an experience we laughed about years and years later. You probably just kind of had to be there to understand... but yeah it was intense.
Stephanie's family moved to Provo and they didn't need us to babysit anymore. I kind of thought we'd never see her again. Maybe a year later, Camille and I were enjoying a pancake breakfast social at our new school (Walden) and guess who else was there for the first time? Yup, Stephanie was there! Since we already knew each other, the three of us stuck together. Throughout our years at Walden we stayed close friends and helped each other through so much. We developed a really good friendship.
My last year at Walden, Stephanie moved back to Spanish Fork, and I think that is when we became best best friends. We hung out every day that summer and just enjoyed life. We took tons of pictures, enjoyed nature, and sometimes at night we'd lay on the warm pavement in the church parking lot behind my house and look at all the stars. Then we'd philosophize and talk about our dreams. I've never really had a friend I could share that much of my thoughts with. It was awesome.
I went to college, she got a boyfriend, and we haven't been as close since. But, we have stayed good friends and I am so glad. Few people have changed my life so much and I hope we'll be friends forever. :)
Two Saturdays ago, Stephanie married Sam. Camille and I were bridesmaids, there was delicious food, the decorations were pretty, and it's crazy because this girl I grew up with is now married to the love of her life! I know our friendship is different than it used to be, and it kind of has to be. I think your significant other should be your very best friend. I'm really glad she's happy. The thing about the wedding I remember the best was just when they were standing across from each other, getting married, and Camille and I were standing behind Stephanie. I couldn't see Stephanie's face, but I could see Sam's really well and he just looked so happy. He kept his gaze intent on Stephanie the whole ceremony and just by the way he looked at her I knew he really really cares about her. He looked so sure that he was making the right choice. I just can't wait until that happens to me haha. I'm excited for them and their future adventures together. I'm so glad they're in love and I'm really glad I'm such good friends with both of them because I love them dearly.
Now that's enough cheesiness so I'm gonna go but here are some pictures from the wedding. I do not own any of them except the one of just Camille and I, the rest are Sam and Stephanie's. :)

The end.

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