Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Sensation

So the Friday and Saturday after my birthday I attended my ward's Summer Sensation. It's basically an activity where we go to the Bishop's house for two days--he has a really really nice house. It was so good. We had an opening devotional sort of thing from our stake president then we ate tons of spaghetti and just socialized. They have a ton of swings and swinging is one of my favorite things to do so I was on the swing a lot while everyone else played tennis or basketball... I'm not really a sporty girl.
Later Friday night we had a small and random dance Julie and Camille kind of started I think. It was pretty fun.
Saturday we did a service project--cleaning the gutters on main street. Then we came back to the Bishop's and had a talent show which was pretty awesome particularly because of Dane's talent which you just had to be there for... sorry.
I was glad we had quite a bit of unstructured time because I got know people a lot better. I had some really good talks with friends who I wasn't that close with before but now I feel like I have a few friends in the ward who I am getting to be pretty close with. The people in this ward are amazing! The people I've gotten to know really well are just so admirable because even though they've made mistakes they really are trying their hardest to be the best they can be. I really want to be like that and I realize the more I hang out with them the more often I am my best self. Everyone in this ward is so accepting and loving towards everyone else even though we're all really really different. It's awesome.
Here are some other photos (all photos were taken by Brother Boogert):

I just love these people :)

The end. :)

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