Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh these lazy hazy crazy days of summer...Part 3

Okay, I promise this is the last of these posts! But I can't fail to mention that I got to hang out with my amazing best friend, Stephanie. I have mentioned her in past blog posts like when we went to Moab, and when she got married, and when we went tubing at a lake and laughed so hard we couldn't even walk straight after. She's been my best friend for ages and we've been through a lot and helped each other through some crazy stuff. I'm so grateful to be lucky enough to have her for a friend! But anyway, she was so nice and came over the Friday after my birthday to celebrate with me. We planned on her sleeping over just Friday night (which actually I don't think I was supposed to do since my room wasn't clean yet... but my parents had mercy on me since it was my birthday. Thank you!!!) but she ended up staying the whole weekend because it was more convenient transportation-wise. I am so glad she did because it was AWESOME! We went to the Riverbottoms and just played down there a couple of times. We ate candy and nachos and talked about what's been on our minds and got super hyper. We went to a bonfire with some of my Spanish Fork friends. We don't get to hang out a lot because of distance and busy-ness but this was like old times. So thank you for making my birthday week so much better, Stephanie!
Here are some pictures from our Riverbottoms adventures:
I did Stephanie's hair and I was so proud. I can't even do my own...
Here is the top view.
Stephanie wanted a picture of my hair in the sunlight (it goes reddish) so I helped her out.
We found a dandelion as big as my face!
Not sure why but I love this picture.
So prettyyyy
We got so hyper we started taking pictures of the weirdest faces we could make. This was one of the less frightening ones...
I just love this girl!! :)


Ann said...

So much fun! And thanks for the offer of toothpaste.

Maren said...

Haha the offer of toothpaste? :)