Friday, July 30, 2010

The 24th of July

Last Saturday was Pioneer Day and also the day we celebrated Jamie Lyn's birthday so we did lots of things to celebrate! I loved it!
First we woke up really early to participate in a 10 K (6.2 mi) run. Although Camille, my mom, and I walked, Jamie Lyn and my dad ran almost the entire way. I think Jamie Lyn did run the whole way actually. I was impressed! It was nice just to walk and talk with Camille and my mom though. I enjoyed it.

After that we went and saw "Inception" which I really really liked. It was pretty crazy but I didn't feel bored at all through the entire thing and I was able to keep up pretty well with what was going on... for the most part anyway. I would recommend it!

That night we went and watched the fireworks which we don't do too often so it was pretty fun and here are my pictures... I was trying to figure out how to take them in the dark...

And it came out much better in video.

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