Thursday, July 22, 2010

Moving on.

Once a week, every week, for ten years I have set aside time for a piano lesson. I remember plunking out simple melodies like "Mary Had a Little Lamb" with all the notes labeled and only in the treble clef. I've played in lots of recitals, competitions, church events, and talent shows. Honestly, there were times when I practiced and I would get so frustrated with my lack of skills that I would just bang around on random keys angrily and wanted to quit learning altogether haha. There were times Camille and I had to walk to our lessons in extreme heat or freezing cold (yeah I'm being dramatic but it's fun haha...). I have learned so much about music theory, performance skills, sight-reading, etc. I've had two amazing teachers and I am so grateful to them for everything. I guess I didn't really realize how learning piano has been such a huge part of my life so far until I had my last lesson on Tuesday.
My current teacher, Loni Wilson, has taught me so much about music theory and has really gotten me to be excited about it. I'm not a natural musician like some people but I am glad I can at least read music and understand what is going on within the piece.
Also Loni Wilson has been my friend as well as a teacher. There were a lot of times (and Camille says this happens to her too) when I am having a really bad day and I don't want to do anything else so I dread my piano lesson. But as soon as I would get there I would feel a lot more relaxed and actually enjoy the lesson and go home happier. My last lesson my teacher and I didn't even play the piano we just talked about random things and also about how important music theory is, and how math relates to music, and how I'm glad I didn't give up on piano. It was actually more sad to me than I expected haha. I guess when you do something for that long it just becomes a normal part of life and when it ends it's a little surprising.
I don't regret taking piano for a second though. I hope to be able to keep learning and using it even though my lessons are over and I hope to start guitar up during the fall. :) Music is amazing and I think it's really really cool we can create it. I am so glad my parents put me in piano and I really appreciate them paying for it even though I didn't practice as regularly as I should have... And I especially want to say thank you to Loni Wilson and Laurie Dallon for teaching me and being patient with me... even though they probably won't read this. And I admire them both for their amazing talent and vast knowledge on the subject haha.
Aaanyway... so yeah this was really cheesy. But whether you understand or not, moving on from piano lessons seems like a big deal for me. It's kind of like a step into adulthood (which is why I am quitting... I am moving out soon). I will miss it a lot. I'll miss my teacher. I'll miss performing duets with my sister in the fall. But hopefully I am off to other exciting things that I will learn just as much from. And yeah... that's all. :D


Camille said...

Sad. =[ I'll miss performing duets with you too! Let's do them just for fun sometimes?

Maren said...

Yeah! Definitely!

Morgan said...

Maren! Maren! Maren! you should learn how to play Organ! cause that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet