Saturday, July 3, 2010

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you...

                                 Photo found at TrekNature

Tonight, Stephanie and I decided to go sit outside for awhile and talk. It was really fun because we just laid down on the pavement in the church parking lot behind my house. There were so many stars. That's one thing I love about Spanish Fork--there are so many visible stars. It's beautiful! So then we started talking about how beautiful this world is, how complex people are, about being happy, and about the different dreams we have, and how our lives are kind of like stories and we don't really know how they'll unfold. We talked about tons of other things as well but those are some. I love discussing things like that with my close friends. I feel like I learn so much just from seeing one other person's perspective. I especially liked talking to her about being happy. How it's so much better to be happy than sad even though it's hard to remember that sometimes. I think that sometimes it's a lot easier for me to get upset over little things than it is for me to become really happy over small things. Lately I have been trying harder to be happy about the little things though, like laughing with friends, talking with my parents, or even something as small as seeing a flower and really trying to appreciate how beautiful it is. I think that it actually helps me to be happier when I let things brighten my day. And yeah... now this is turning cheesy. It was less cheesy when me and Stephanie were talking about it haha.
I feel very lucky that I have such amazing friends like Stephanie. I feel lucky that I have such a great family and I just love everyone in it. I feel lucky I get to live in this world because I think it's just so so beautiful and I'm constantly amazed by it. I just want to try harder to remember that I feel lucky because of those things. :)

And... now I am going to be done boring you.

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