Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beirut Concert.

Yesterday, I went to the Beirut concert up in Salt Lake for the Twilight Concert Series (which has absolutely nothing to do with vampires... thank goodness.) I didn't like the first band that played which was called The Twin Sisters... they were just really boring. But Beirut was really good! They sound better live than they do recorded even.
Tess has awesome Panda Shoes.
Haha I love Jess.
You can't see him... but that's Jordan.
They were sick of listening to the opening band.

This was my favorite song they played.
I had to upload this to youtube first because blogger fails sometimes... just sayin. :D Of course they sounded a lot better live than on the camera... but oh well.

Then yesterday my mom and my sisters and I went down to Cedar City to see "Pride and Prejudice" at the Shakespeare Festival. It was pretty good. The BBC six hour version will always be my favorite though. :)


I am Jess. said...

That concert was great...
But I have a question about the last bit. What was Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennet doing at a Shakespeare Festival?

Maren said...

Yeah it was a great concert. Haha and Mr. Darcy and Ms. Bennet were there because though it's called The Shakespeare Festival they actually do a few non-Shakespearean plays. :)