Thursday, July 22, 2010

Timpanogos Cave

Last Saturday me, Jamie Lyn, one of my uncles and some of cousins hiked up to Timpanogos Cave. It was hard going uphill but I thought the cave was really cool and I had fun. I hiked up there a long time ago but I don't even remember it so it was cool to go again. :)

I love these two. They're great!

Clarisa likes to play in the dirt...

Also, my cousin Chris came out from Tennessee this week and so me and Camille just got back from seeing How to Train Your Dragon with him and his friend. I liked that movie. :) I want a dragon like that now haha. It was also fun to see Chris again. I'm glad we've gotten to spend time with some of the family members we don't get to see very often like my Aunt Karon and her family and Chris. :D

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