Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Goodbye 2010.

The year is almost over and all in all I'd say it was a pretty good one. I am excited for 2011 though.
Here are some of my memories of 2010:
Holi Festival in March.

In April I went to my first Il Palio and Stephanie got her appendix out.

In May my cousin Sunnie came to visit for the first time in forever and Camille and Stephanie went on their first prom.

In June I turned 19, Stephanie adopted two cats, and my family and I went to Monterey and San Francisco.

In July my family participated in a 10 k run (walk for some of us), watched lots of fireworks, I went to Twilight Concert Series to see Beirut, and we discovered our favorite cupcake cafe.

Also in July my Aunt Karon and cousin Chris came to visit so we were able to see the extended family a lot which was fun.

And Tate, Stephanie, and I hiked to Escalante cross and watched the sunrise.

In August I went to a pretty fantastic birthday party, went on a girl's trip with my sisters and friends, and moved out.

In September Jamie and I went to Tyler's birthday party where he broke his head open.

In October I became a sub for a bowling league team, fell in love with Cafe Rio, went to church with dorky glasses on my face, and took pictures with some college friends.

In November I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my family and went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 with my sister and friends.

In December Jamie and I had a dress up party at Claire's (in the mall) and I celebrated Christmas with my family, and I found out I actually passed my biology class. Yay!

The end.

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